Amplify your connectivity reach with data solutions from Media Broadcast Satellite

Media Broadcast Satellite offers data solutions within the following markets:

> Government

Media Broadcast Satellite offers governments the highest levels of organisation and procedural capability in delivering mission critical global satellite communication solutions.

> Enterprise

In an ever more connected world with technology continuing to drive increased data requirements, having an efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy communications partner, that can accommodate your growth, is more important than ever.

> Energy & Mining

Fixed, remote or mobile connectivity requirements, where timing is critical and environments challenging, let Media Broadcast Satellite handle your space and ground segment services.

> Mobility

Land, Sea or Air – Media Broadcast Satellite can accommodate your global satellite connectivity requirements or provide you with the infrastructure to manage your own.

> Telco

Media Broadcast Satellite has the infrastructure and capability to provide global satellite solutions and bespoke service offerings that help Telcos and service providers meet the needs of their customers.

The advantages at a glance

> Full range of trusted teleport services up to fully managed, worldwide

> Infrastructure as a service or co-located infrastructure

> Access controlled & fully fenced teleport facility

> GEO / MEO / LEO satellites interoperable

> KA- / KU- / C-Band & X-Band available

> Wide areas and prebuild foundations for all types of antennas

> 7,000 m² area for full motion antennas

> Flexible approach, future focused, innovative team

> Ample room for growth / huge expansion potential

40 years of excellence in communication

Reachback Connectivity

+ Military-off-theshelf services & mission tailored solutions

Media Broadcast Satellite enables connectivity in government use frequency bands (X-band & MIL Ka-Band) as well as commercial bands (KA- / KU- / C-Band ) and through its worldwide fiber network. This allows an array of applications such as connectivity for theatres of operation, interconnection and interoperability of institutional or defence sites/network entities, command & control (C2), intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), border control, SOF missions as well as various types of communications-on-the-move/pause for land (SOTM / SOTP), air and maritime missions.

Military-off-the-shelf services & mission tailored solutions

From our Media Broadcast Satellite Teleport in Usingen near Frankfurt, customers can reach regions across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the American continent with maritime coverage for the Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans. Dedicated to governmental and institutional users, Media Broadcast Satellite features high-availability, EU/US security compliant and ISO27001 (cyber security) certied infrastructure and services, ranging from military-off-the-shelf services to fully managed and mission tailored communication solutions.

Our open architecture allows the creation of new networks on legacy platforms, taking advantage of deployed and user-trained infrastructure, while optimizing service, parameter-like throughput or availability. We are proud that our high-quality services are “Made in Usingen/Germany”. This quality is reinforced by our own German team of engineers that are dedicated to the support of our customers in all stages of their mission, product and/or service life cycle.

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Reachback Connectivity (PDF)