One full service provider

Media Broadcast Satellite’s DVB-S / S2 platforms are provided from its teleport in Usingen, near Frankfurt (Germany). The architecture and hardware is the latest DVB over IP technology. This ensures perfect compatibility with the playout server platform that is installed at the teleport. Furthermore, it offers customers maximum flexibility for the contribution of their signal via the internet or dedicated line. Media Broadcast Satellite offers Linear TV and OTT Streaming services based on the latest technologies.

One provider for multiple platforms.

Broadcast advantages at a glance

> Premium DTH-positions

> Managed playout solutions

> Provided in SD / HD / UHD

> Individual program delivery and distribution

> Platforms allow you to cover the entire EMEA region

> Point-to-point transmission or as DTH-/DTC platform via DVB-S/S2

> Households in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East as far as Afghanistan can be reached

> The transponders at 6 orbital positions reach 225 million TV households in 50 countries

> Sustained premium annual availability of > 99.99 %

> 24/7/365 helpdesk

> DVB multiplexing


MBS Media Hub

Viewers expect live and VoD content to be available on any of their smart devices ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Consumer expectations are increasing with the availability of greater internet bandwidth capacity. Delays and buffering are no longer accepted by consumers watching their favorite Netflix series or live soccer events. Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) offers Linear TV and OTT streaming services based on the latest technologies. MBS Media Hub supports your customer expectations ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Media Broadcast Media Hub at a glance

MBS Media Hub supports a cloud based infrastructure. This gives you the advantage of improved Time to Market, Total Cost of Ownership (from CAPEX to OPEX), Availability, Scalability and Monetization options for Linear TV and OTT streaming services (SVoD / TVoD /AVoD).

MBS Media Hub is built on three pillars covering the broadcast ecosystem:  Content Aggregation, Content Production & Processing and Content Distribution via Satellite / Fibre / OTT. The modular approach of  MBS Media Hub supports a customized implementation of the Platform as a Service.

> Playout

Cloud based playout management of linear content and online VoD / OTT content. Pre-rendering / Highly scalable / Flexible to counter design change requests / Fast deployment / Compressed output, no need for downstream encoder plus low bandwidth requirement.

> Media Asset Management

The Media Asset Management (MAM) system manages all content coming in and out of a storage environment. The software keeps track of all assets entering the platform, (where the assets are stored) and will retrieve assets from the platform when required in another application. This highly scalable MAM features a variety of applications supporting content processing. There are tools for spotting, metadata registration and editing. Automated A.I. Metadata capturing is part of the solution, allowing users to build up a catalogue of auto detected items in their content, which can be useful for repurposing.

> Storage & Archive

MBS runs it own private ISO 27001 (IT Security) certified cloud, hosted in Germany.


In order to orchestrate all content from purchase to broadcast, the CMS manages all content registration as well as easy to use and powerful content scheduling.

> OTT Platform

The platform provides all the latest OTT functionalities including Replay TV, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (VR) or 360 degrees. Default functions like EPG, SD/HD are supported as well. The platform also provides a WoD library for each client. Content is protected by DRM, if required. MBS offers 2 versions of the OTT platform, a centralized solution and a de-centralized solution. It is possible to use a combination of both platforms.  The centralized OTT platform provides clients with a service platform which can be reached from anywhere in the world using internet connected consumer devices, like PCs, phones, tablets, or smart-TVs. The de-centralized OTT platform provides a solution for Remote sites / Hospitality / Maritime / Airplanes / Trains. This platform can be used online or offline and be connected via terrestrial internet network or satellite data network.