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Media Broadcast Satellite is a fully independent, industry leading, teleport service provider based in Usingen, near Frankfurt, Germany. We offer a full range of satellite services for Enterprise, Government, Carrier and Broadcast markets globally.

Teleport Services by Media Broadcast Satellite


Global satellite and network services in the heart of Europe.

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Broadcasting Solutions by Media Broadcast Satellite


Program delivery and distribution in the entire EMEA region.

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Data Solutions by Media Broadcast


Secure, borderless data and media transmission for companies from all industries and for public organisations.

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Orbital Arc

Orbital Arc

+ Media Broadcast Satellite transmit and receive your data via our teleport in Usingen.

+ The teleport can see all satellites between 76°E and 60°W.

+ Usingen is an optimum location for almost every target area.


Media Broadcast Satellite concludes long term agreement with NorthTelecom for teleport-, housing, and infrastructure-services

Usingen, Sep. 13 2017 – Media Broadcast Satellite, the leading provider of broadcast satellite services and operator of one of the world’s largest teleports, extends its business in teleport-, housing- and infrastructure-services and concludes an agreement with NorthTelecom. The agreement will enable NorthTelecom to operate at the teleport in Usingen. Read more

Certified Services

Our entire value chain from teleport services inlcuding contribution, playout, audio- and video-processing through to infrascture services for Telemtry-Tracking-Comman satellites and complex VAT services are certified serveral times by DEKRA Certificaton GmbH:

Certified Services

+ All services are certified by DEKRA Certification GmbH

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management)

ISO 27001:2013 (IT security)

+ MAC II compliant

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